SFIS Semiannual Poster Jamboree & Charter Awards

2019 SFIS Semiannual Poster Jamboree & Annual Charter Awards

At the end of each semester, we celebrate the accomplishments of our SFIS community members with a student research poster jamboree and awards ceremony. This poster jamboree showcases both undergraduate and graduate research, including final projects, theses and dissertations.

The SFIS Charter Awards are made annually to three students within each SFIS degree program who embody and demonstrate the core  values of access, excellence, and impact within their studies, activities and lives.

Fall Charter Awards and Poster Jamboree

December 5, 2019

3:30 p.m Charter Award Presentation,  MU Pima Auditorium
4:30 p.m Poster Jamboree,  MU Turquoise room 220

 We invite you, your peers, your families, friends, and professors to join us for this School-wide celebration of our students.



Charter Award Nominations close Thursday Oct. 31, 2019

Submit a Nomination

 values of access, excellence, and impact within their studies, activities and lives.

The 15 awards of $500 are made possible through the generosity of our community members on Sun Devil Giving Day. Charter Awards recipients will be announced at the Fall SFIS Charter Awards & Semiannual Poster Jamboree on December 5, 2019.


Nominations must be submitted through the webform. Only information provided in the nomination submission will be reviewed and considered by the committees for awards selections.

Students may be nominated by SFIS faculty, staff, or students. Self-nominations are accepted.

Each SFIS Degree Program has its own Charter Awards Selection Committee who will review the nominations for their corresponding program and make the final recommendations for their program's three Charter Award recipients.

HSD Charter Awards Selection Committee
Erik Johnston (Chair)
Lekelia "Kiki" Jenkins
MSTP Charter Awards Selection Committee
Andrew Maynard (Chair)
Diana Bowman
Robert Cook-Deegan
Thad Miller
Lindsay Smith
IGD Charter Awards Selection Committee
Netra Chhetri (Chair)
Jameson Wetmore
GTD Charter Awards Selection Committee
Mary Jane Parmentier (Chair)
Nalini Chhetri
Faheem Hussain
FIS Charter Awards Selection Committee
Thad Miller (Chair)
Laura Hosman
Michael Bennett
Jennifer Richter
Emma Frow
Elisha Thompson
Gregg Zachary

日本一本道a不卡免费Nominations should be made to clearly describe how the nominee uniquely exemplifies the spirit and values of the ASU Charter, and which value of access, excellence, or impact they have demonstrated most strongly, if not all three. Selection criteria will remain broad, allowing recognition of students who exemplify the ASU Charter in novel, unexpected, and serendipitous ways. Criteria may include:

  • Access: Proactively contributing to increasing accessibility of undergraduate and graduate education for students from backgrounds and circumstances that may otherwise discourage pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees; proactively contributing to a culture of inclusivity and acceptance; proactively contributing to the success of fellow students; helping convey the accessibility of educational programs at ASU to audiences outside of the university.
  • Excellence: Excelling academically in their SFIS degree program; excelling in specific courses and programs of study and research, including the applied project, thesis or other capstone project, demonstrating exceptional academic, intellectual, personal, and/or professional growth within the program; making a critical contribution to excellence and achievement in group projects; contributing substantially to the achievements of peers; making substantial contributions to research projects led by others; excelling in work carried out as part of an internship.
  • Impact: Helping develop and implement innovative ways of connecting knowledge and understanding to broad and diverse audiences; contributing substantially to the success of others; translating applied project products into tangible public/community-relevant outputs; working with groups and communities outside the university to address specific issues and challenges; proactively working with others to demonstrably and directly address socially relevant issues through internships; demonstrating innovation in applying learning and opportunities to making a positive impact on communities and organizations.

Student Poster Information


Undergraduates need to register your poster information  by October 25, 2019.  This tells us how many students are participating so that we can order the right number of poster boards. Submit your poster by noon on November 25, 2019 to  in the correct PDF format.   You will be responsible for the cost of printing your poster only日本一本道a不卡免费 if the submission is late.

Graduate students 

The submission process is modeled after a professional conference.  Please submit the title and abstract  by October 31, 2019.  You will be notified by November 8 if your submission is accepted.  Further instructions will be given at that time.  

All students - poster requirements

Maximum poster size: 2' x 3' or 3' x 2'.  

 Include the SFIS logo.  Download here at the .  


PDF icon  for making a poster.